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Official Work Pass issued by the Ministry of Labor.

Work Passes are issued by the Ministry of Labor to control foreigner entrants working in Arstotzka. They are first seen on day 6.

Discrepancies to look for[]

Fields of work[]

All work passes list a more or less specific field the entrant works in. Gameplay-wise, the field of work only matters between days 12 and 15 when entrants whose field is engineering can be given Messof Anegovych's business cards to unlock the Arstotzkan token and a related achievement on day 16. All possible fields are listed below.

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Dentistry
  • Drafting
  • Engineering
  • Fine arts
  • Fishing
  • Food service
  • General labor
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Research
  • Sports
  • Statistics
  • Surveying