Wanted criminals

A wanted list at the back of the Official Bulletin.

Wanted criminals are entrants who appear on a list of wanted criminals in the daily bulletin. This section of the bulletin starts on day 14 but other entrants breaking the law can be detained since day 5.

Gameplay Edit


Simon Wens, a scripted wanted criminal.

The player can detain a wanted criminal if they click on the picture in the bulletin while in inspection mode and then select a photo of the entrant in their passport or click on the actual entrant standing in the booth.

The inspector is not given a reason as to why certain people are on the wanted list (or at least the text of the bulletin is not legible to the player). Two scripted criminals, both wanted for murder, are also discussed in the news:

Scripted criminals Edit

Wanted criminals usually appear at random times with the exception of the following:

Transcripts Edit

Dialogs for procedurally generated entrants on the wanted list are generated from the following options:

Upon interrogation:
[one of the following]

  • [inspector] You have interesting face.
  • [inspector] Maybe you should not have come.
  • [inspector] We have some questions for you.

[one of the following]

  • Let me through or you will regret it
  • I have nothing to say
  • I do not like your tone
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