The United Federation (sometimes shortened to United Fed.) is a country to the west of Arstotzka. It is one of the four countries that do not border Arstotzka on the game map. To the north, it borders Obristan, and to the east it borders Antegria, Republia and Impor. It has access to the sea on it's western side.

Entrants from the United Federation are identified by a blue passport with a silver emblem on the front. 

polio outbreak in the United Federation on day 25 causes Arstotzka to require an up-to-date polio vaccination from all entrants since day 26.

As with the other countries, not much background information is given in the game. An ex-inspector on day 18 explains that they used to deny most entrants when they worked at the border in the United Federation, and that the country now uses computers for processing entrants. The game does not provide enough information to compare the statement to the level of technology in other countries.

The name of the country and cities implies that United Federation was based on the United States or Yugoslavia.

An Arstotzkan serial child killer, Simon Wens, escapes from a United Federation prison and comes to the border on day 30.

According to The Republia Times, Antegria and Republia were involved in a war and both had access to the coast. If the events of The Republia Times occured before Papers Please, that would mean that United Federation was created out of Antegria's and Republia's past western coastal territories and some surrounding territories. If the events of The Republia Times occured after Papers Please, then that means that parts of United Federation would be conquered by the two countries in order to get coastal access. This theory supports the name of United Federation as being a federation of multiple territories, it's creation being motivated by a common factor detached from their former ruling countries, and the feeling of having differences between them and the surrounding countries, thus creating a federation.

Issuing cities in the United Federation[edit | edit source]

  • Great Rapid
  • Shingleton
  • Korista City

Scripted entrants from the United Federation[edit | edit source]

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