• I remember seeing an article a while ago how a lawyer has reacted to the Ace Attorney (a series where you play as an attorney with a few liberties) and now, it has gotten me cruious about this game.

    How would you think, if a real inspector were to play the game, they would do.  How much of it would be accurate to them. Is it at least accurate to the time period it takes places in? How many liberties did it take? 

    If anyone has any guesses, or even actual vidoes/articles about it, I'd be quite interested.

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    • Blimey, this is bloody completely inaccurate; I mean seriously. This is completely fictional! If you could throw some guy to the guards for incorrect paperwork, only process like 10 guys a day, humanely skip food and heat a lot for your four familiy members eventually possible to perish, not pay tax, help a terrorist group to overthrow the government, and ruin people's lives, not to mention get plaques regardless of sufficience, I am just appalled.

      This is fictional!

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    • Seems accurate

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    • Forceofnatureandcorn wrote:
      Seems accurate

      I would love to have that life.

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    • A FANDOM user
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