The Truth of Arstotzka on November 26th, 1982

The Truth of Arstotzka is Arstotzka's national newspaper. It is published seven days a week and its editions are distributed free of charge. The front page features important domestic and international news as well as alternating sections for the weather, entertainment, sports, and politics, but the actual text beyond headlines and subheadings is not legible to the player.

It is a possible reference to the Soviet newspaper Pravda ('The Truth').

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The newspaper appears at the start of each day and on the last page of the official bulletin. It is sometimes best to read these carefully before proceeding to work at the border as the information given can contain vital details, such as the Vince Lestrade murders on day 5.

The layout for each day varies from game to game but the main headlines stay the same. Some headlines change to reflect the choices the inspector has made earlier. For example, there are three different headlines about Vince Lestrade on day 6, depending on whether he was detained, denied, or allowed to enter on day 5.

Unused headlines[edit | edit source]

The game files contain unused headlines for EZIC attacks and journalist encounters. There are also more detailed subheadings for minor headlines (The Weather, Politics, Sports and Entertainment), but none of these are currently used in the story mode. Unused material reveals that Filipe Hasse has published a book and confirms that Arstotzka borders a sea. The latter is also seen on the map in the rulebook.

EZIC attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Arson At Ministry Of Agriculture HQ! Crop Output Predictions Severely Affected
  • Last Remaining Battleship on Southern Coast Sunk! Clear Act Of Sabotage, Kolechia Blamed
  • Head Minister Of Finance Found Dead! Markets React With Fast Selling, Instability
  • Critical Orvech Vonor (sic) Power Plant Shut Down! Coolant System Sabotaged, On Brink Of Meltdown

Journalist-related[edit | edit source]

  • International Press Continues Abuse. Empty Revelations, Baseless Accusations
  • Arstotzka's Iron Border. United Fed Media Lashes Out At Unfair Immigration Policies
    • The main headline, Arstotzka's Iron Border, can appear on day 18 but with a different subheading

Weather[edit | edit source]

  • The Weather: Southern Warm Front Expected
  • Seasonal Snow Surprisingly Absent
  • Snow In Northern Regions Manageable
  • Cold Relents, Respite From Seasonal Temps
  • Expected Cold Front Misses Southern Coast
  • Warm Winds Blanket Central Arstotzka
  • Crushing Cold Conditions Continue
  • Strong Cold Front Extends Stay
  • Unseasonal Winds Expected in Northern Region
  • Unexpected Front Freezes Eastern Arstotzka
  • Snow Collects To Unmanageable Levels
  • Cold Fails to Relent, Heating Costs Spiral

Politics[edit | edit source]

  • Food Production On Target
  • Crops Continue Strong Growth
  • Seaboard Industries Rebuilding
  • United Fed: Copyright Cops
  • Kolechian Submarines Detected Off Coast
  • Arstotzkan Currency Regains Strength

Sports[edit | edit source]

  • Arsotzkan (sic) Football Scores Big!
  • Altan Stadium Rebuilding

Entertainment[edit | edit source]

  • Filipp Hasse's (sic) Latest Book Surprises
  • State Television Network To Increase Programming
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