The Pink Vice slip.

The Pink Vice is a brothel situated in East Grestin. It appears in story mode where it is related to a human trafficking ring ran by Dari Ludum. The number of the brothel is 1-603-4.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The brothel is first referenced when two female entrants give the inspector slips that advertise the Pink Vice, complete with the slogan "For all your fantasies!", on days 2 and 3.

On day 6, an Obri female entrant gives the inspector another slip followed by a note stating that a man named Dari Ludum promised her and her sister work, but might force her to work at the brothel instead. The inspector then has to decide whether or not to allow Ludum entry, or whether to have him detained by comparing his name to or giving him the woman's note.

Headlines on day 7 change depending the inspector's decision. If Ludum is detained, The Truth of Arstotzka will report that the human trafficking ring has been uncovered. If his entry is allowed or denied, dancers will be found dead. Regardless of the outcome, day 7 is the last time The Pink Vice is mentioned in the game.

All entrants that carry Pink Vice cards also carry valid paperwork, so it is impossible to receive a citation for approving them.

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