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A terrorist attack by EZIC underway on day 31.

The Grestin checkpoint is a target of frequent terrorist attacks that will cease operations at the checkpoint for the day, effectively reducing the inspector's income. The attacks are committed by both scripted entrants and procedurally generated ones.

At the beginning of the game, the guards will automatically attempt to deal with the situation on their own. Later in the game, weapons are given to the inspector so he can defend the checkpoint. Failing to stop some of these attacks can have negative consequences: Sergiu can die during an attack, disabling events related to him, and, on day 21, the game will end if the attacker is not eliminated in time.


There are two kinds of attacks:

  1. Scripted attacks will happen at a predetermined point of the day. They cannot be avoided and the day will not finish until they occur. During a scripted attack, terrorists may approach from either the Kolechian or the Arstotzkan side and will engage the guards. On day 16 and later, all scripted attacks trigger an option to use the tranquilizer gun to stop the attacker(s). Guards, including Sergiu when he is present, are vulnerable during most of the scripted attacks.
    1. Scripted suicide bomber attacks. All entrants after the predetermined point have valid documents, so preventing the attack is pointless as the inspector will continue to receive citations. Even if the clock reaches 6 pm, the game will only force the day to end if a bomber is allowed entry.
  2. Randomly generated attackers try to smuggle explosives through the checkpoint as regular entrants and, if successful, walk up to the guards (faster than normal entrants), and blow themselves up. All of these randomly generated attacks can be avoided by detecting the would-be attacker during the inspection; they are entrants whose weight does not match their documents and can be detained (or denied) after scanning them. They can only appear after other scripted events have taken place that day.

Types of terrorist attacks[]

Wall climbers[]

A wall climber runs across the border checkpoint on day 2, while a guard fires at them. Until day 16, these attacks cannot be stopped.

Wall climbers will attempt to climb over the wall and run towards the guards. They will then attempt to throw a grenade at them. Until day 16, it is not possible to stop a wall climber attack.

Guards will respond to a wall climber by immediately opening fire. Their shots are ineffective (attributed by Sergiu to poor aim) and usually the climber will be able to throw their grenade before being shot. Rarely, the guards will manage to shoot the climber before they can throw. Regardless of the success or failure of the attack, the day is cut short afterwards.

After day 16, stopping a wall climber will not lead to the death of any of the guards if the climber was shot before they threw a grenade.

If the inspector kills all the guards during a wall climber attack, the wall climber will die anyway as if they were shot even though the guards are all dead/tranquilized.

Suicide bombings[]

There are two types of suicide bombings: scripted and random.

Scripted bombings cannot be avoided. The first scripted suicide bombing starts on day 6. All entrants past a point have valid documents, and the game will only end the day if a bomber is allowed entry. During a scripted attack, the entrant will walk up to the guards and shout "FOR KOLECHIA!" before killing themselves and all three guards. (This happens even if the entrant does not have a Kolechian passport.)

Random attacks can be avoided. Random attacks start to be generated on day 9 and can be avoided by interrogating an entrant about their weight discrepancy and denying them or detaining them.

Vehicle attacks[]

Four vehicle attacks occur on days 21, 26, 28, and 31 respectively. All of them except for day 31 take place on motorcycles.

Shooting the motorcycle will make it blow up, making it a very good tactic to combat the multiple attackers on day 26 and 28.

EZIC attack[]

On day 31, EZIC attacks the border directly. During the inspection of the eighth entrant, two men drive a jeep into the checkpoint, kill all three guards, and then attempt to destroy the Grestin Border Wall.

The inspector's fate depends on the number of EZIC tasks they completed - see the full details in the chart below.

Days with terrorist attacks[]

This lists both direct and indirect attacks (e.g. poisoning) at the checkpoint.

Day Attack Type Entrant
2 Wall climber commits a grenade attack, usually killing the lone guard. Seventh
6 Kolechian suicide bomber at any point after the eighth entrant.

  • The ninth entrant is a Kolechian with valid papers. If they are denied, they will be replaced by entrants from other nationalities.
Ninth entrant and afterwards
9 Randomly generated suicide bomber at the end of the day. After ninth entrant
11 Randomly generated suicide bomber at the end of the day. After ninth entrant
12 Suicide bomber after the eighth entrant. Ninth entrant and afterwards
13 Randomly generated suicide bomber. Tenth entrant and afterwards
14 Randomly generated suicide bomber. Tenth entrant and afterwards
  • The second entrant will drop a bomb onto the inspector's desk.
  • Randomly generated suicide bomber.
Tenth entrant and afterwards (bomber)
16 Wall climber.

  • The inspector can use a tranquilizer gun to stun the attacker before they throw a grenade, but the day will still end either way.
Eighth entrant
18 Wall climber. Eighth entrant
  • Conditional poison attack; there may or may not be a closure depending on the inspector's actions.
  • Randomly generated attacker possible.
After ninth entrant (bomber)
21 Armed motorcyclist attacks the checkpoint.

  • Can also end in instant death if the attacker is not shot before killing all three guards.
Eighth entrant.
22 Randomly generated bomber. After ninth entrant (bomber)
23 Wall climber. Inspection of eighth entrant
24 Randomly generated bomber. After ninth entrant
26 Two armed motorcyclists and a wall climber.

  • Shooting the lower motorcycle will destroy both of the motorcycles.
Inspection of eighth entrant.
28 Armed motorcyclist attack.

  • Shooting the motorcycle with any gun will cause it to explode.
Inspection of seventh entrant
31 EZIC attack during the inspection of the eighth entrant: a jeep driven by two men armed with rifles and explosives, who will attempt to blow up the wall. The initial fate of the inspector depends on the inspector's choices:
  • If the inspector completed 0-3 EZIC tasks, the lower and upper attacker will approach the booth and the lower attacker will throw a grenade into it.
  • If the inspector completed 4-5 EZIC tasks, both attackers will approach the booth, but not attack. (They will only attack if the inspector fires at them.)
Eighth entrant.