Graire decoded

Graire's name revealed using the cipher and the decoder

Stepheni Graire is an EZIC agent who arrives on day 14 as the ninth entrant. As with Mikhail Saratov on day 11, the inspector can find out Graire's name by using the cipher and coded document given to him by Corman Drex and an EZIC messenger (days 8 or 9 and 10).

They don't have the right documents, so the inspector can choose to help EZIC and let them through, or follow the immigration protocol and deny or detain them. Admitting them into Arstotzka is one of the EZIC tasks required for ending 19, and therefore will prevent getting ending 20.

If the inspector accepted either of the EZIC gifts brought by a strange man at the end of day 11 or 12, letting Stepheni Graire through will end the ongoing investigation and clear the inspector of any charges (the savings, however, will still be seized). Denying their entry after accepting any gift of money from EZIC will end the game at the beginning of day 15.


Upon approval:

  • For Arstotzka and the Order.
  • [walks away]
  • [inspector receives a citation]
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