Simon Wens is an Arstotzkan serial child killer[1] from Gennistora and appears in the news at the beginning of day 29. On the same day, a vengeful father arrives and says that Wens killed his daughter.

Wens is the third entrant on day 30. The inspector can either follow immigration protocol and detain him, since Wens is on the wanted list, or help the father by letting Wens through and confiscating his passport. Doing the latter is needed to eventually unlock the United Federation token.

The inspector also has the option to give the photo of the vengeful father's daughter to Wens, at which point Wens will yell "What the fuck!" and run back to the West Grestin side.

There is no special news article or ending if Simon Wens is let through and the vengeful father is rejected, but the father will call the inspector a heartless bastard.

If the inspector confiscates Wens' passport, lets him through, and gives the passport to the father on day 30, the next day, The Truth of Arstotzka will report that Wens has been found dead in the Gennistora district.

When detaining Wens using the wanted bulletin, if the inspector gives the photo to Wens while the guards are walking towards the booth, he will run off. At the same time, the guards will pull out "another" Wens and escort him off screen. When the vengeful father appears, the inspector will say that Wens ran off. If the bug is reproduced, regardless of the inspector confiscating the passport, the inspector will get a citation.


Julia front

A child Wens has killed on a picture her father gives to the inspector.

Day 30Edit

When given the photo of the vengeful father's daughter:

When denied:

  • [says nothing and walks back to Kolechia]

When approved:

  • [says nothing and walks away]
  • [inspector receives a citation stating "Wanted criminal admitted"]


  1. As per The Truth of Arstotzka on day 29.

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