Ambig entrant

A feminine male entrant.

Entrants are divided into male and female varieties, both known as sex. Sex is one of the information fields in the passport and other documents used by entrants. Every entrant always belongs in only one category (male or female). There is no separate category for any other sex. Entrants, however, may display certain feminine or masculine physical appearances not stereotypical to their biological sex.


An entrant may display masculine or feminine features that go against stereotypical characteristics associated with the sex stated in the documents the entrant carries. This counts as a discrepancy, which the inspector must clear by using a scanner before the enrant is clear for entry. Otherwise, a citation will be issued. Before day 7 when the scanner becomes available, entrants who do not seem to match these "typical patterns" of male and female need to be denied of entry in order to avoid a citation.

The game has six different body models; three for males, three for females. There are both nude and non-nude versions of all models. When using the scanner, one of the body models is combined with the face of the entrant. Regardless of masculine or feminine features of the face, the sex of the entrant is determined by the type of the body model. If nudity is enabled, male entrants display male genitalia and females display breasts and female genitalia. If nudity is turned off, females wear a bra and males do not.

Body modelsEdit

Nude males
Body 2Body 4Body 6
Nude females
Body 8Body 10Body 12
Non-nude males
Body 1Body 3Body 5
Non-nude females
Body 7Body 9Body 11
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