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Entrants are divided into male and female by sex (or gender), listed in passports and on some other documents required of entrants.


Entrants may display masculine or feminine features that go against stereotypical characteristics associated with the sex listed in their documents (usually with a corresponding sex-associated name). This qualifies as a discrepancy which the inspector must clear by using the scanner to review the bodies of offending entrants. Failing to do so will result in a citation being issued for incorrect listed gender. Before day 7, when the scanner becomes available, entrants who do not appear to match their listed sex are to be denied entry.

The game has six different body models—three for each sex—as well as nude and clothed versions of each to be presented depending on the appropriate setting. When using the scanner, one of the body models is combined with the face of the entrant. Regardless of masculine or feminine features of the face, the sex of the entrant is determined by the type of the body model. If nudity is enabled, the sex of entrants can be differentiated by sex organs and the presence (or absence) of breasts. If nudity is turned off, both males and females wear underwear, while only females wear a bra.

Body models[]

The tables below show the character models with nudity disabled.

Non-nude males
Body 1.pngBody 3.pngBody 5.png
Non-nude females
Body 7.pngBody 9.pngBody 11.png