Access permit

An example of a seal on an Access Permit.

Seals are printed stamps seen on entry permits, access permits, work passes, grants of asylum and diplomatic authorizations. The Ministry of Admission of Arstotzka seal should appear on all other documents except diplomatic authorizations, which are validated by the issuing government, and work passes, which are validated by the Ministry of Labor of Arstotzka. Since day 11, the inspector may encounter documents without a seal or documents with a counterfeit seal, whose carriers the inspector is authorized to and should detain.

Official sealsEdit

There are two official M.O.A. seals, while there are four official M.O.L. seals for work passes. Any document without a seal or with a seal that does not match in shape, orientation and/or logo indicates a forgery, and the person holding it should be denied entry or detained.

Valid M.O.A. seals
EntrySeal1 EntrySeal2
Forged M.O.A. seals
Moa forged
Valid M.O.L. seals
WorkPassSeal1 WorkPassSeal2 WorkPassSeal3 WorkPassSeal4
Forged M.O.L. seals
Mol forged

Diplomatic sealsEdit

Diplomatic authorizations do not have seals from Arstotzkan ministries as they are validated by the issuing government. In addition to having a nonexistent or no seal, a diplomatic authorization from one country may be stamped with a seal from another country. A seal that does not match in shape, orientation and/or logo indicates a forgery.

Country Official seals Forgeries
Antegria Antegria Diplomatic Seal 1 Antegria Diplomatic Seal 2 Antegria forged
Impor Impor Diplomatic Seal 1 Impor Diplomatic Seal 2 Impor forged
Kolechia Kolechia Diplomatic Seal 1 Kolechia Diplomatic Seal 2 Kolechia forged
Obristan Obristan Diplomatic Seal 1 Obristan Diplomatic Seal 2 Obristan forged
Republia Republia Diplomatic Seal 1 Republia Diplomatic Seal 2 Republia forged
UFed Diplomatic Seal 1 UFed Diplomatic Seal 2 Unitedfed forged
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