The official rulebook. Tabs on the right are one of the booth upgrades.

The rulebook in the short film adaptation.

The Arstotzkan Ministry of Admission "Rules & Regulations for Inspectors" (or the rulebook) is an invaluable reference tool including immigration protocol and lists of valid seals and location authority information.

The inspector can use it to verify crucial details of documents and to check the requirements of the day's inspections. The information can be used in the inspection mode to highlight discrepancies.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The five sections of the rulebook are as follows:

  1. Basic Rules shows the conditions entrants must meet in order to gain entry such as the documents they must carry. These change as the days progress, mostly due to political intervention: see the timeline for more information.
  2. Regional Map shows all the countries in the region. Clicking a particular country will show its official issuing cities along with its passport design. This feature can be used to highlight forgeries with an invalid issuing city.
  3. Booth info provides a brief overview of the inspector's booth and any upgrades that have been purchased.
  4. Documents shows the details of officially recognized documents, (including all M.O.A. foreigner documents), such as ID card district and M.O.A./M.O.L. seals.
  5. Confiscation shows the procedure for passport confiscation and (as of the October 2013 patch) current policy regarding which passports should be taken.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The following rules are listed in the rulebook and are in effect at different stages of the game. See a section below for gameplay rules not stated in the rulebook.

Rule In effect In-universe reason, if given
Entrant must have a passport since day 1
Arstotzkan citizens only only on day 1
All documents must be current since day 2
Foreigners require an entry ticket only on day 3
Foreigners require an entry permit on days 426
Arstotzkan citizens must have an ID card since day 4
Workers must have a work pass since day 6 Jobs in Arstotzka become fewer and Ministry of Labor wants to control foreign work force.[1]
No weapons or contraband since day 7 Need for more thorough inspections after a terrorist attack on day 6[2]
All Kolechians must be searched only on day 7 Kolechian extremists are suspected of the attack on day 6.[3] Rule is repealed by day 8 after Kolechia files an official complaint.
Diplomats require authorization since day 8 Kolechia filed a complaint and is sending a diplomat.[4]
Foreigners require an ID supplement days 1326 New M.O.A. director wants to institute stricter protocols for foreigners.[5]
No entry from Impor only on day 19 In retaliation to Impor trade sanctions.[6] Rule is repealed a day later due to Impor repealing said sanctions.[7]
Asylum seekers must have a grant since day 21 Arstotzka establishes a program for political asylum to harbor the Antegrian whistleblower.[8]
Confiscate Arstotzkan passports belonging to Altan residents on days 2427 The terrorist attacks have cast suspicion on Arstotzkans living in the Altan district. Confiscation begins at the Ministry of Information's request.[9]
No entry from United Federation only on day 25 A polio outbreak in United Federation.[10]
Entrant must have polio vaccine certificate since day 26 Ministry of Health institutes a new policy to prevent polio from spreading to Arstotzka.[11]
Foreigners require an access permit since day 27 According to the inspector, to make his work easier.[12] The Ministry of Admission states the reason is to improve efficiency.[13]
Confiscate all Arstotzkan passports since day 28 In response to continued attacks. Listed at the back of the rulebook, in the Confiscation section.[14]

Rules not in the rulebook[edit | edit source]

The following rules affect gameplay and failing to adhere to them leads to a citation. They are introduced in the official bulletin but are not mentioned in the rulebook.

Rule In effect In-universe reason, if given
Wanted criminals must not enter since day 14 Ministry of Admission begins co-operating with Ministry of Justice to apprehend criminals.[15]
All denials must be accompanied by a reason for denial since day 18 Unfavorable international press concerning practices at the border.[16]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The rulebook uses a different typeface for subheadings in pre-1.1.60 versions of the game.

  • The ISBN at the end of the rulebook (978-0-452-28423-4) is the ISBN for 1984 By George Orwell

Unused rules[edit | edit source]

The game files list rules that are not currently used in the release version. They mostly reflect ideas abandoned during the game development.

  • No entry from Antegria
  • No entry from Kolechia
  • No entry from Obristan
  • No entry from Republia
The four are in force but not directly listed on day 1
  • Detain all Kolechians
  • Fingerprint all Kolechians
  • Foreigners must be 18 or older
  • Workers must have a work permit (reworded as Workers must have a work pass in the release version)
  • Goods must have a customs permit
  • No entry for foreign military
  • Maximum visit of 14 days

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See also[edit | edit source]

  • Cheat sheets – fan-made sheets to speed up processing entrants
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