Republia is a relatively small land-locked country surrounded by Antegria, Kolechia, Impor, and the United Federation. It is one of the four countries that do not border Arstotzka.

Issuing cities in Republia[edit | edit source]

  • True Glorian – Antegria has a city called Glorian; further elaborating the rivalry between the two nations
  • Lesrenadi
  • Bostan

Scripted entrants from Republia[edit | edit source]

In The Republia Times[edit | edit source]

Though not much information is given about Republia in Papers, Please, a country with the same name is also featured in The Republia Times, another game created by Lucas Pope. Republia, despite being land-locked in Papers, Please, fields a large navy and has natural disasters taking place along its coastline in The Republia Times, indicating that the game may take place in a universe slightly similar to Papers, Please or in the same universe but several years after or before the events depicted in Papers, Please. While it is also possible that the events in The Republia Times are set before Papers, Please, it is worth noticing that in The Republia Times, the internet is a widespread phenomenon, while it was not still the the case by 1982, the year Papers, Please takes place.

It is explained that Republia was recently at war with Antegria. The two countries are locked in a Cold War-style rivalry, and similarly to Papers, Please, mysterious rebels will try to persuade the player to help them. If successful, the rebels, led by a person called Kurstov, take over Republia and change its name to Democria (and then back to Republia if the same game played again with the new government).

The game mentions the following people and details about Republian culture:

  • Republia's film industry is known as Cherrywood.
  • Republia has a kayaking team that flees to Antegria.
  • Republia has a fashion designer known as Crevy Crevy that also defects to Antegria.
  • A band named HugginBoyz admits to not have sung on any albums and barely being able to dance.
  • Superstars Chad and Jenlyn first get hitched, then have a Cherrywood wedding, and then get divorced, and both claim infidelity.
  • A weightlifting champion Lekshou apparently retires due to a crippling injury.
  • A TV star named Aprelica claims her butt is not fat but rather just fine.
  • A tennis star Restojiu is said to have won the seminal brackets.
  • A movie called Mumpit Mush, based on a children's book of the same name.
  • The full title of the leader of Republia is The Great and Honorable Leader and they are given a medal called The Lifetime Of Glory medal.
  • Cherrywood is a city - where Republia's film industry which is mentioned. Likely based on Hollywood.
  • Central Chem is also mentioned in The Republia Times, with terrorist bombings.
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