Purpose of trip

A tourist in the booth.

The purpose of visit concerns the reason why an entrant wishes to enter Arstotzka. It is listed on entry permits and access permits, and the verbal part is recorded in the audio transcript.

When a procedurally generated entrant enters the booth, the inspector asks them "What is the purpose of your trip?" and the entrant replies using one of the statements below. They may also say something that conflicts with their documents, prompting further dialog options, but will always be cleared later. However, you must highlight it in the audio transcript to avoid a discrepancy.



  • Visiting.
  • Just visiting.
  • I am visiting relatives.
  • Visiting friends.
  • I come for visit.
  • Only to visit.
  • I will visit friends.


  • Transit.
  • I pass through.
  • Transit through the country.
  • I am transiting to elsewhere.
  • Transit through Arstotzka.
  • Passing through.
  • I am in transit.


  • Work.
  • I come to work.
  • I have job here.
  • I plan to work.


  • Immigrating.
  • I am immigrating to Arstotzka.
  • I will move here.
  • I am coming to live with my husband. (females only)
  • I am coming to live with my wife. (males only)
  • My wife is Arstotzkan. (only in the latest beta version for males)


  • I am diplomatic envoy.
  • I was called to diplomatic discussions.
  • My presence was requested.


  • I am seeking asylum.
  • I come for political asylum.
  • Asylum.

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