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Entrant's ID card photo does not match her appearance.

One of the premade faces.
– top: template for the booth
– mid: template for photos
– bottom: layer information

Photos are a document feature of passports and some other documents used by entrants. Photos also appear in The Truth of Arstotzka and the official bulletin. Discrepancies in photos are identified by comparing the photo(s) and the entrant themselves. If an entrant's photos do not match, their identity can be confirmed instead by a fingerprint test.

If the entrant carries two documents with their photos in them, both photos must be checked for discrepancies. Non-passport documents that have a photo are:

Relationship with descriptions[]

See also: Physical characteristic

Access permits and ID supplements contain a description of entrants' looks. If the description does not match entrant's appearance, the discrepancy must be cleared before allowing entry. See the above page for a table of descriptions.

Photo and face generation[]

The appearance of entrants and their photos is procedurally generated. The game has 32 premade faces for entrants (16 for both sexes), four faces for officers (Calensk, Sergiu, M. Vonel, and Dimitri), and one face for EZIC messengers. There are two versions of each face; one for the entrant in the booth and another for their photo. For each face, there is also a separate layer picture which marks the eye area, jaw, shoulders, and nose and mouth. The layer also contains information about the location of eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw. Parts from different premade faces are then combined to generate faces and photos of entrants.