Obristan is a neighbor country north of Arstotzka, Kolechia, United Federation, and Antegria.

Jorji Costava describes Obristan as a good place,[1] and the country also comes off as more stable than war-torn Arstotzka. The inspector is given a choice to flee to Obristan, alone or with his family, when travel restrictions for Arstotzkan citizens are put in place on day 29.[1] EZIC also evacuates the inspector's family to Obristan to safety in case he is arrested on day 23.[2]

Obristan requires re-entry tickets from Obri passport holders who wish to re-enter the country.[3]

Obristan's motto is "Obristan above all."[4] This is similar to Arstotzka's "Glory to Arstotzka". The motto might be a reference to "Germany above all" which is the beginning of the pre-1945 German anthem.[5] It may also be a play on the fact that Obristan is the northernmost country in the game, thus it is "above all" of the other countries.


Obristan is the northernmost country on the map in the rulebook. It borders a lake with Antegria and Kolechia.

Issuing cities in Obristan Edit

  • Skal
  • Lorndaz
  • Mergerous

Scripted entrants from ObristanEdit


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