Obristan is a neighbor country north of Arstotzka, Kolechia, United Federation, and Antegria.

Jorji Costava describes Obristan as a good place.[1] Obristan also comes off as more stable than war-torn Arstotzka. The inspector is given a choice to flee to Obristan, alone or with his family, when travel restrictions for Arstotzkan citizens are put in place on day 29.[1] EZIC also evacuates the inspector's family to Obristan to safety in case he is arrested on day 23.[2]

Obristan requires re-entry tickets from Obri passport holders who wish to re-enter the country.[3]

Obristan's motto is "Obristan above all."[4] This is similar to Arstotzka's "Glory to Arstotzka". The motto might be a reference to "Germany above all" which is the beginning of the pre-1945 German anthem.[5] It may also be a play on the fact that Obristan is the northernmost country in the game, thus it is "above all" of the other countries.

Issuing cities in Obristan Edit

  • Skal
  • Lorndaz
  • Mergerous

Scripted entrants from ObristanEdit


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