Cykelek passports

Passports he carries.

Nathan Cykelek is an unlucky entrant on day 14 who accidentally reveals his double life when he hands the inspector two passports with similar information but differing names. He immediately realizes his mistake and asks for the documents back.

He carries an Arstotzkan passport and ID card with the name Nathan Cykelek. His Kolechian passport says his name is Carpov Calistnen. All documents list the same date of birth, February 16, 1945. His picture, names, nationalities, and passport number on his Kolechian passport remain always the same. All other information is procedurally generated.

His real identity is not confirmed but in the game files, his nation is set to Arstotzka, which would make Nathan Cykelek his real name.


Cykelek is the seventh entrant on day 14. When he gives the inspector the passports, an option to detain him appears immediately. If interrogated, he promises to tell his story once he gets his documents back, but upon getting them, he will walk away without saying anything. This will not lead to a citation and is also the only time in the game when it is possible to return all documents to an entrant without stamping any of them (excluding EZIC messengers). Approving entry will lead to a citation.

He will also leave the booth as soon as he is given the ID card and any stamped passport back. If there is at least one green stamp and no red stamps on the returned passports, he will be considered approved.



  • Shit!
  • I make small mistake.
  • Please give documents back.

If interrogated:

  • [inspector] Why do you have two passports?
  • Is funny story.
  • I tell you everything.
  • First, you give papers back to me.

After getting one document back:

  • And the others?

After getting another document back:

  • Last one please.

If approved:

  • [inspector] Glory to Arstotzka.
  • [inspector receives a citation stating "Entrant Holds Conflicting Passports"]
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