New arstotzka

Ending 19 with EZIC, featuring a New Arstotzka.

The mottoes are short stock phrases associated with a country, mainly Arstotzka, in Papers, Please. There are four in the game:

  1. Arstotzka: "Glory to Arstotzka", Arstotzka's motto, is the most prevalent and the only one used in other places than just the endings. It is used whenever the inspector approves entry to Arstotzkans, in the intro cutscene, during almost each ending scene, and at the end of end credits. The M.O.A. supervisor also says it on days 10 and 20, and Jorji Costava uses it once on day 3.
  2. New Arstotzka: In endings 15 and 19, EZIC takes over Arstotzka and the motto "Glory to the New Arstotzka" is used instead. This is only seen in the ending.
  3. Obristan: The third motto used in the game is Obristan's "Obristan Above All". In ending 18, the inspector and all of his living family members flee to neighboring Obristan and the sequence ends in the picture of an Obri flag waving with the motto as a caption below.
  4. Kolechia: This is a small motto used by a Kolechian suicide bomber. After being approved, they walk near the 3 (1 at the first attack) guards (including Sergiu), then they will scream "FOR KOLECHIA!" and blow up, killing the 3 guards.
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