Saratov decoded

Saratov's name revealed using the cipher and the decoder

Mikhail Saratov is an EZIC agent. The inspector can find this out by revealing his name with a cipher and a decoder he received from Corman Drex and an EZIC messenger on days 8 or 9 and 10.


Saratov is the sixth entrant on day 11. His documents are not valid unless you run an old version of the game (see the bug section below).

Admitting him into Arstotzka counts towards one of the five EZIC tasks, so allowing entry will help to get ending 19 but will prevent getting ending 20. The inspector has to choose between letting him through and helping EZIC or denying him according to immigration protocol. Allowing entry will lead to a citation but will complete a task for EZIC. If Saratov is not allowed to cross the border, an EZIC messenger will show up and insist that another EZIC operative (Stepheni Graire) is let through.


In version 1.0.37 and earlier, there is a bug that may cause Saratov to have valid papers. This means that it is possible to inadvertently help EZIC by allowing Saratov to enter if the player treats him as a normal entrant and does not realize that he is one of the two agents mentioned in the coded EZIC document. Since letting him through counts towards one of the five EZIC tasks, admitting Saratov will prevent getting ending 20 and the code needed to unlock endless mode.


Day 11Edit

Upon approval:

  • The Order rises.

When denied or detained:

  • The Order knows.
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