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The cipher aligned over Escalli's passport, revealing the letters E, Z, I, and C.

Marie Escalli is an EZIC operative sent to investigate border breaches on day 17. Admitting her into Arstotzka counts towards the required EZIC tasks, so it will prevent getting ending 20 but will help to get ending 19.


Escalli is the ninth entrant on day 17. She has an Arstotzkan passport but does not carry an ID. She can be identified as an EZIC operative by aligning the cipher given by an EZIC messenger over her passport (the letters E, Z, I, and C appear).

If Escalli is allowed to enter Arstotzka, the inspector receives 20 credits from EZIC at the end of the day. Upon leaving the booth, she also tells the inspector she does not believe the man in red to be a threat, foreshadowing the events of day 23.

Her appearance, date of birth, passport issuing city and passport expiration date are randomly generated. Information needed for the cipher to work (name, nationality and passport number) remain the same every time. Her passport number is always L0I93-KU8CZ, with the I and C making up the word "EZIC". (E from the first letter of her last name, and Z from Arstotzka.)


Neither she nor the inspector say anything upon her entry. When interrogated, a regular dialog that would happen with any normal entrant with a missing ID card is generated. There is also no special dialog if her entry is denied.

Upon approval:

  • For Arstotzka and The Order.
  • The others do not agree, but I believe the man in red is not a threat.
  • [inspector] What?
  • Nevermind.