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The man in red is a person who appears in the line on day 23. His identity changes depending on what happened to Khaled Istom on day 20. If Istom was denied entry but was not poisoned, an EZIC note reveals that Istom is the man in red. Otherwise, their identity remains unknown.

If the inspector lets an EZIC agent named Marie Escalli through on day 17, she will say that she thinks the man in red is not a threat.


Near the beginning of day 23, an EZIC messenger (second entrant) tells the inspector that this man is a threat to the EZIC order: he knows secret intelligence on the EZIC agents in Arstotzka. The inspector is instructed to kill the man in red to help EZIC. To accomplish this, the messenger also delivers a key to open the sniper rifle's locker in the inspector's booth.

That same day, during the inspection of the eighth entrant, a person waiting in line (presumably working with EZIC) climbs over the wall and runs through the checkpoint, triggering the alarm and enabling weapons.

The only way to continue the game past this point is to disregard the EZIC orders and ignore the man in red. Shooting him will immediately result in one of two endings:

  • Ending 9 occurs if the inspector shoots the man in red with the sniper rifle. This will also unlock the Hired Rifle achievement.
  • Ending 10 occurs if the inspector shoots the man in red with the tranquilizer gun. 

The following day, an EZIC messenger shows up and gives the inspector a note that says, "We have missed our chance. Man in Red survives. He now targets EZIC agents in Kolechia. Our plans must adapt." The episode with the man in red does not count as an EZIC task so it is still possible to get ending 19 or 20, if all other requirements for them have been met so far.