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The fifth entrant on day 25 will give the inspector their passport and the love note. They have no additional documentation and will not provide any if prompted.

If denied, the entrant will be disappointed and remark that they gave the inspector such a nice note.

If admitted, the entrant will ask for the note back to give it to the next inspector. This will bring up an option to detain them for pushing their luck too far. It is also possible to return the note to the entrant, in which case they will thank the inspector and walk away. This makes it impossible to obtain the Kolechia token and a related achievement (see below).

Kolechia tokenEdit

Later on day 25, the seventh entrant, a depressed Kolechian, will lament that nobody loves them after stating their purpose and length of stay. Giving them the love note will brighten their spirits, and although they are confused about the last page of the note, they will give the inspector the Kolechia token out of gratitude and comment on it being powerful. This also unlocks the related achievement.

It is possible for them to be on the criminal bulletin. They can be detained after getting the token.

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