Kolechia is a neighboring country west of Arstotzka. After the Six-Year War with Arstotzka, entrants from and via Kolechia are finally able to enter Arstotzka through the border town Grestin, although entrants from Kolechia are occasionally harassed[1] by the Ministry of Admission and the Arstotzkan government due to the terrorist threat they pose.

Conditions in Kolechia are described as "ten times worse" than in Arstotzka by Sergiu.[2]

Despite high hopes after the opening of the border,[3] tensions between Arstotzka and Kolechia continues to grow throughout the game, up to the point where the future of the Grestin border checkpoint becomes uncertain.[4] Depending on the choices the inspector makes during the story, Arstotzka and Kolechia may eventually find common ground and reach a tentative understanding, which will allow the border to remain open.[5]

Two Arstotzkan characters have Kolechian love interests in the game: the supervisor is associated with Shae Piersovska, and Sergiu is in love with Elisa Katsenja.


Kolechia borders five other countries, a lake with Antegria and Obristan, and the easternmost ocean. Kolechia is the largest of the three countries seen in their entirety on the map.

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Intepretations Edit

The name of this country is possibly derived from the Russian word kalechit (калечить), 'to maim' or 'pervert',[6] or from the Polish word kolejka, as 'queue.'[7]


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