Kaevink Caullinski is a male entrant interested in buying Danic Lorun's watch from the inspector. He only appears in version 1.1.60 and later after a bug that prevented his name from appearing was fixed. In earlier versions, a procedurally generated male entrant with the same dialog and options appears in his place.


Caullinski is the ninth entrant on day 22 if the inspector has Danic Lorun's watch. He is willing to pay 10 credits for the watch and tries to convince the inspector that the original owner will never come back anyway, despite him coming back later. Selling the watch to Caullinski makes it impossible to unlock the Republian token when the owner actually returns on day 23.

Caullinski may have incorrect papers or be a wanted criminal. If the inspector does not have the watch, a regular procedurally generated entrant appears instead.


Introduction (after regular Q/A):

  • I used to have watch like that.
  • Sell it to me.
  • [inspector] It is held for someone.
  • Give me break.
  • For sure he is not coming back.
  • Let me take it off your hands.
  • 10 credits for it.

If given the watch:

  • Ah!
  • All digital!
  • Is very nice.
  • [gives 10 credits]
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