Press pass

An example of the international press identification.

An international press identification is a document carried by journalists. It is not valid for entry purposes in Arstotzka and accepting someone with just this and a passport will lead to a citation. This policy leads to two conflicts between the inspector and the members of the press at the border.

This document is only seen twice during the game: on day 17, it is presented by the seventh entrant and on day 20 by the sixth entrant, both being reporters and exclaiming they have right to enter Arstotzka.

The encounter on day 17 is a lose/lose scenario: If the inspector denied the journalist, the next day's newspaper will comment on the Arstotzkan 'iron' border and entry bias. Accepting the journalist leads to a headline on the border being 'frail'. In both cases, the bad international press leads to the introduction of the reason for denial stamp the next day.

The encounter on day 20 has no consequences other than a citation should the inspector accept the journalist with insufficient documents.

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