There are four points in Papers, Please where the game can end in an instant death as the inspector dies on the job. If this occurs, the game will cut straight back to the opening menu with a flash of light. There is no ending cutscene, no ending number (and thus no white dot to achieve in the saved game menu), no music, and no achievement for these.

Time bomb

Being blown up by the bomb is one of the instances of instant death.

The four ways to die are:
  1. Being blown up by the bomb given by a terrorist on day 15. This can happen if the inspector fails to disarm the bomb in one minute or if he cuts the wires in the wrong order.
  2. Touching the poison powder given by an EZIC messenger on day 20 will cause the screen to shake and flash white.
  3. A motorcycle attacker will lob a grenade into the booth on day 21 if the inspector fails to shoot them before.
  4. Having the booth blown up by EZIC on day 31. This can happen if either the inspector has completed 0 to 3 EZIC tasks and he fails to shoot the lower attacker or if the inspector has performed four out of five EZIC tasks and then shoots the top attacker.
    屏幕快照 2020-01-06 16.15.54

    A grenade thrown at the booth during the the final EZIC attack on day 31.

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