Identity supplement 1160

An identity supplement (ID supplement for short) is a document required from foreign visitors, workers and transients since day 13 after a bombing incident. ID supplements are later replaced by access permits.

Discrepancies to look forEdit

The following is a list of discrepancies the inspector should watch for when presented with an ID supplement.

  • Height – height can be verified against the measuring lines of the booth's wall.
  • Weight – a discrepancy in weight can indicate that the entrant is carrying contraband.
  • Physical appearance – the description on the ID supplement may not match a photo on other documents and/or the entrant's appearance. See below.
  • Expiration date – an expired ID supplement can be brought up by highlighting the current date and the date on the document.
  • Thumbprint – If you have taken an entrant's fingerprints, the thumbprint on the ID supplement should be checked by comparing it to other documents' fingerprints. A mismatch is grounds for detention or denial.


Access permits and ID supplements contain a description of entrants' looks. If the description does not match entrant's appearance, the discrepancy must be cleared before allowing entry. See physical characteristics for more information.

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