The human trafficking note given on day 6.

On day 6, an Obri female entrant gives the inspector a note about human trafficking. She first gives the inspector a Pink Vice ad but after getting her documents back, she hands over the note that states that Dari Ludum promised her and her sister work but will force her to work at a brothel instead.

The inspector can use the note to detain Ludum by highlighting his name on the note and on his passport or ID card. The note can also be given to Ludum who will threaten to kill the woman after seeing the note, making detainment possible.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

  • A man named Dari Ludum promised me and my sister good work in Arstotzka.
  • I do not trust him. I am afraid he will take my passport and force me to work at brothel. He is in line today.
  • Please do something.
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