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==Shooting Guards==
==Shooting Guards==
Shooting guards were allowed, but it will end the game faster.
Shooting guards were allowed, but it will end the game faster.
===Using tranquilizer:===
*Causes [[Endings|Ending 8]]
===Using rifle:===
*Causes [[Endings|Ending 7]]

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Guards are armed Arstotzkan citizens tasked with protecting the East Grestin border checkpoint. They appear with blue sprites, as opposed to the black sprites of most other characters, and have orders to shoot anyone who attempts to cross the checkpoint illegally. They use semi-automatic bullpup rifles.

Sergiu Volda is a guard distinguished by his green sprite.

Front GuardsEdit


From day 2 to day 16, five guards (two front guards and three back guards) defend the checkpoint.

Several guards appear on the Kolechian side of the border wall and are tasked with detaining criminals and document forgers.

Calensk is one such guard who is just to the left of the entrants walking into the booth.

The border wall is never attacked by climbing while front guards are present.

After day 16, the front guards disappear entirely as the inspector gains access to the tranquilizer gun.

Back GuardsEdit


Three back guards immediately before a suicide bomber kills them on day 6.

There are also several guards on the Arstotzkan side of the border (and a short way back from the wall), tasked with shooting attackers. These guards are frequently killed during terrorist attacks. Sergiu is one such guard later in the game.

After day 16, most terrorist attacks (except for suicide bombings) can be stopped with the use of the tranquilizer gun.

Guard Changes Edit

  • Day 1: No front guards. One guard stationed in the back.
  • Day 2: No change.
  • Day 3: Four extra guards deployed. Two front guards, three back guards.
  • Days 4-15: No change.
  • Day 16: Front guards removed. Back guards remain.
  • Day 17: Sergiu joins the back guards.
  • Days 18-26: Depends on player's choices. Sergiu (and other guards) may survive the terrorist attack or die.
  • Day 27: Depends on player's choices. If Sergiu was survived, Sergiu will change to another position and a randomly generated guard will go to the position.
  • Days 28-31: No change.

Shooting GuardsEdit

Shooting guards were allowed, but it will end the game faster.

Using tranquilizer:Edit

Using rifle:Edit

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