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An example overview of the checkpoint area as seen in the desktop version. In the iPad version, the scene pans and the entire area is never visible all at once.

The location of the checkpoint in East Grestin from the intro cutscene.

The Grestin border checkpoint is located between West Grestin in Kolechia and East Grestin in Arstotzka. This is where almost all[1] of the gameplay takes place.

The checkpoint was opened on November 23, 1982 after a war between Arstotzka and Kolechia that resulted in the division of the city of Grestin. The checkpoint falls under the jurisdiction of the Arstotzkan Ministry of Admission[2] and is manned by a single border inspector and a varying number of guards.[3] It opens at 6 A.M. and closes at 6 P.M.

The checkpoint is frequently attacked by terrorists and, as stated by one of the guards who fought in war, has more action than Kolechia during the war.[4] Sometimes, the inspector also witnesses these attacks himself and since day 16 is tasked to handle them with the tranquillizer gun to shoot attackers.


Checkpoint area in the film adaption.

A tall border wall divides the checkpoint area into two, and access into Arstotzka happens through the inspector's booth. A line with a varying number of entrants[5] trying to get inside East Grestin, and thus Arstotzka, is located on the left side of the booth. A guard post (north of the booth, off-screen) and a road (on the right) are also visible. Access to the wall from the Arstotzkan side is blocked with temporary barricades and traffic bollards.

The wall is destroyed during the events leading to ending 19.


  1. Endings 16 and 18 have a segment that takes place at the border of Obristan and some other endings in a jail in Arstotzka.
  2. As per the M.O.A. supervisor on day 10.
  3. The number goes up from one to five on day 3 and down from five to three on day 16.
  4. As per the discussion with Sergiu Volda on day 22
  5. The number varies from day to day (from 100 to 40) but is set for each day in the game files. The smallest number of entrants, 40, occurs on day 29. 100 entrants appear on days 1–13 and 31.