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A forged Ministry of Admission seal on an entry permit.

For the note Jorji Costava gives on day 29, see Counterfeiter flyer.

A forgery is a document that someone makes up and that is not approved by the Ministry of Admission (M.O.A.), the Ministry of Labor (M.O.L.), or any of the foreign governments and may have forged seals or no seals at all. Forged documents may also contain false information or discrepancies that the inspector must spot and account for.

Signs of forgery are:

  • No seal at all
  • Incorrect abbreviation on seal (M.O.L. instead of M.O.A.)
  • Seal or name of another country in diplomatic authorization
  • Seal facing the other way (for M.O.L.'s hammer seal; see below)
  • Seal on the document does not match the ones in the rulebook (see below)

Forgeries are pointed out in the inspection mode by highlighting valid seals displayed in the rulebook and a forged seal on a document (or the entire document if the seal is missing). If the seal is missing, the missing seal can also be pointed out by selecting the whole document and the text box in the rulebook stating that the document in question must have a seal. The inspector can detain an entrant after interrogating about the forgery.

The inspector also uses a forged passport or passports to get him and his family into Obristan in ending 16 and 18.

Forged Arstotzkan seals[]

Valid M.O.A. seals
EntrySeal1.png EntrySeal2.png
Forged M.O.A. seals
Moa forged.png
Valid M.O.L. seals
WorkPassSeal1.png WorkPassSeal2.png WorkPassSeal3.png WorkPassSeal4.png
Forged M.O.L. seals
Mol forged.png

Forged diplomatic seals[]

There are two official seals and four possible forged variants for each country (except Arstotzka).

Country Official seals Forgeries
Antegria Antegria Diplomatic Seal 1.png Antegria Diplomatic Seal 2.png Antegria forged.png
Impor Impor Diplomatic Seal 1.png Impor Diplomatic Seal 2.png Impor forged.png
Kolechia Kolechia Diplomatic Seal 1.png Kolechia Diplomatic Seal 2.png Kolechia forged.png
Obristan Obristan Diplomatic Seal 1.png Obristan Diplomatic Seal 2.png Obristan forged.png
Republia Republia Diplomatic Seal 1.png Republia Diplomatic Seal 2.png Republia forged.png
UFed Diplomatic Seal 1.png UFed Diplomatic Seal 2.png Unitedfed forged.png