This page lists all fonts of the typefaces used in Papers, Please and its various localizations were derived from during the game development. The list is displayed as a part of the credits sequence either at the end of the game or if the user clicks on the "created by Lucas Pope" button on the main screen. See the second table for some of the used fonts that are not listed in the end credits but were once used or served as basis for text in the game.

Fonts in the end creditsEdit

These are the fonts listed in version 1.1.65.

Font Creator Where applied Sample
04b03 04 The daily bulletin, audio transcripts, the counterfeiter flyer, and titles in end credits Font-04b03
53 Veda Akashic Design Abbreviations DOB., ISS., and EXP., and the word SEX on passports. Font-53veda
5Mikropix Winter Design Studio EZIC notes Font-5mikropix
Atari Small Gurkan Sengun Speech bubbles, work passes, certificates of vaccination, small headings in the the rulebook Font-atari-small
Bangalore Yuji Adachi The Human trafficking note, The Pink Vice flyer, Get Big Town ad, and in all caps in the poison packet, the word Impor in the Imporian passport, and words kill and tranq in the weapon casings Font-bangalore2Font-bangalore
BM Germar BitmapMania In the word Kolechia in the Kolechian passport, and the words approved, denied, and reason on stamps; in pre-1.1.60 versions of the game, commands such as sleep, back, and next Font-BM-germar2
BM Mini BitmapMania The rulebook, citations, The Truth of Arstotzka subheadings, fingerprint slips, M. Vonel's ID, and all documents with variable info (e.g. passports) Font-BM-mini
Chixa Demibold Kreative Korporation Subheadings in the rulebook since version 1.1.60 Font-chixa2
EncientGermanGothic Yurchenko Bazhen The title of Правда Арстотцки (The Truth of Arstotzka) in the Russian localization Font-EncientGermanGothic
MiniKylie The smallest font in many documents (e.g. access permits, identity supplements, identity cards), the heading of M. Vonel's ID. Font-minikylie
Misaki Gothic Little Limit
Motorola Screentype R P N Article headings in The Truth of Arstotzka, and the counterfeiter flyer and the Get Big Town ad since version 1.1.60 Font-motorola
Naga10 Sadakazu Nagao
Nokia Cellphone FC Zeh Fernando Inspection mode prompts, booth buttons (e.g. detain) and directions like "drag documents here" written on the counter and the "hang on wall" phrase on plaques, the family photo, and the Arstotzka Arskickers pennant. Versions 1.1.60 and newer use a modified version. Font-nokia

PixelPlay Aleksander Shevchuk Main menu, cutscenes, end-of-day screen, plaques, end credits, headings of diplomatic authorizations, grants of asylym, entry permits, access permits, entry tickets, the wanted list, headings of instructions at the back of the official bulletin, and since version 1.1.60, commands such as sleep, back, and next Font-pixelplay


PlainBlack Paul Lloyd The title of The Truth of Arstotzka Font-plainblack
Proggy Tiny Tristan Grimmer The EZIC cipher given by Corman Drex Font-proggy
Propaganda Aprostrophic Labs As basis for the text Property of M.O.A. in the rulebook and the confiscation drawer. Font-propaganda
Raleway The League of Moveable Type As basis for the word press in the international press identification. Heavy variant is also used on the Arstotzka Arskickers pennant Font-raleway
Resource Danny Phantom Messages on the end of day screen, words presence, sufficience, and excellence on plaques since version 1.1.60 Font-resource
Righty Uses Left Hand Ebba As basis for the phrase hang on wall in the lower left corner of son's drawing since version 1.1.60 Font-righty
SD Auto Pilot Sam Derrick In the phrase stamp here in the fake passport and in the love note since version 1.1.60 Font-SD
Shinonome Yasuyuki Furukawa

Unlisted fontsEdit

The following have been used in the game but are not listed in the current (version 1.1.65) end credits.

Font Creator Where applied Sample
84 Orange Akashic Design In the word United Federation in the Federal passport Font-84orange
Agit Prop Sergey Kazakov As basis for the game title in the main menu Font-agitprop
Arial Black Robin Nicholas, Patricia Saunders As basis for the word Republia in the Republian passport Font-arial 2
BM Delico BitmapMania In the headings of the counterfeiter flyer and the Get Big Town ad in pre-1.1.60 versions of the game Font-BM-delico
ChunkFive EX Peter Wiegel As basis for the sign Obristan Immigration shown in endings 16 and 18. Font-chunkfive
kroeger 05_55 Craig Kroeger Audio transcripts in pre-1.1.60 versions of the game Font-kroeger
Megan Serif Titles of citations in pre-1.1.60 versions of the game Font-megan
Merriweather Sorkin Type As basis for the text on the logo of the October 1982 Labor Lottery Font-merriweather
Molle Font Elena Albertoni As basis for the text in The Pink Vice ad Font-molle
PixAntiqua Gerhard Großmann Subheadings in the rulebook in pre-1.1.60 versions of the game Font-chixa
Power Chord Diegoliv As basis for the word champs on the Arstotzka Arskickers pennant Font-power-chord
Times New Roman Stanley Morison, Victor Lardent As basis for the phrase entry visa on all passports (except for the fake one) and letters MOI in M. Vonel's ID since version 1.1.60 Font-TNR
V5 Loxica Lixera vFive Digital In the word Arstotzka in the Arstotzkan passport Font-v5-loxica
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