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The fingerprint button.

The slip given to an applicant.

The M.O.A. Identity Record containing the name(s) and fingerprints of the entrant.

A fingerprint–alias identity test may be initiated by the inspector to verify an entrant's identity if either their documents do not match the entrant's visible characteristics or the documents have mismatching names.


Fingerprint tests become available on day 4. When the test is initiated, a slip is provided to be handed to the entrant. At the same time, a reference slip from the M.O.A. Identity Record database will be automatically printed out, providing the fingerprints belonging to the entrant whose identity is declared in the passport and any known aliases of the entrant.

The record displays the fingerprints and any aliases the entrant may have. If the fingerprints do not match on any document or the claimed alias cannot be verified, the inspector can identify the discrepancy between the mismatching documents in inspection mode and can choose to detain the entrant.

The following cases enable the fingerprint option:

If identity supplements are required, their thumbprints should be checked against the entrant's fingerprints. A mismatch can occur and is grounds for detention or denial.