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A photo of the inspector and the family members he currently lives with. From left to right: mother-in-law, wife, son, the inspector, and uncle. Taken in 1980.

The inspector's extended family consists of six characters. Initially, the inspector lives with his wife, son, uncle, and mother-in-law in an apartment in East Grestin. Later on day 21, the inspector may adopt his niece.

At the end of each day, the inspector is expected to have enough credits to cover the needs of the relatives he lives with. These include heat, food, and possibly medication if someone has fallen ill. If the inspector fails to provide this for the family, their health will decline and they will eventually die.

The Arstotzkan government expects workers to maintain families to continue the Arstotzkan growth.[1] Because of this, ending 2 will occur if all family members die.

The eventual fate of living family members depends on which ending is reached.

Other family members[]

Two other family members are mentioned but never explicitly seen in game.


The inspector has a sister who is arrested on day 21.[2] The reason for the arrest or any other information about her is not given, but she has 100 credits in savings.[3] She has a daughter, the aforementioned niece, whom can be adopted. She will bring the sister's savings if adopted, offering limited gameplay benefits.

Inspector's parents[]

The inspector's father is mentioned once in the game by a woman who claims she has worked with the father for many years.[4] The inspector's mother is not mentioned but the same entrant says that she will go to Nirsk, the village the inspector is from, to "tell them you are doing well here," implying that the inspector had more than one relative still alive (at least up to day 19) in Nirsk.


  1. mentioned in ending 2
  2. the end of day screen on day 21
  3. Brought by the niece on day 22 if she is adopted, shown in the end of day screen.
  4. the fourth entrant on day 19