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The data page of the fake passport.

The fake passport is a passport presented by Jorji Costava to the inspector on day 4. It appears to be written by hand and states that the passport was issued in a city called Bestburg in Cobrastan, neither of which exist.[1] It is later implied that Jorji might come from Obristan.[2] A fake passport is also shown in Papers, Please – The Short Film.

The fake passport in the short film adaptation.


Jorji is the eighth entrant on day 4. The fake passport is never valid, but if entry is approved, the inspector will be given the Obristan token and a consequential citation for violating the immigration protocol. The same token can be earned on day 11 without a citation, so there is no benefit in letting Jorji in with the fake passport.

Although not required, it is possible to highlight the fake passport with the All documents must be current rule, or the Entrant must have a passport rule in the rulebook to highlight the discrepancy.

Unlike when the inspector receives a citation for letting in someone without valid documents after the entrant has walked a certain distance from the booth, if the fake passport is approved and given back to Jorji, the citation immediately starts to print while Jorji is still in the booth.

The fake passport is one of the three[3] non-passport documents in the game that can be stamped with entry approval and entry denial stamps.


The fake passport has a layout similar to the Arstotzkan passport with the ID number in the bottom left corner and the country name above it on the right.

Jorji's fake passport's birth date and expiration date always display as 1923.5.31 regardless of the date display syntax in the settings. In all other documents Jorji presents, his year of birth is always 1933 and his birth day and month are the current in-game date.

The expiry year, 2013, is the release year of the game.



  1. A possible citation on day 4 stating that Cobrastan is not a real country.
  2. Granting him entry unlocks the Obristan token and he calls Obristan a good place on day 29 (before revealing he knows a counterfeiter who produces fake Obristan documents).
  3. The other two are the passport seizure slip and the temporary visa slip.