The sign of sadness for entrants worldwide (excluding the fourth entrant on day 21).

Entry denial means to deny a person access to Arstotzka and the associated visa stamp (opposite of entry approval).

One should be denied entry to Arstotzka if they fail to meet the requirements stated in the immigration protocol, e.g. invalid papers, possession of contraband, etc. Denying entry can count as processing an entrant correctly, so the inspector will be paid 5 credits for each entrant he denies before 6pm as long as he had reason to do so. Denying entry to an entrant with valid documents will lead to a citation.

Care must be taken when denying entry. Once the inspector has stamped a passport with the entry denial stamp, no matter how many times the inspector later stamps the passport with the entry approval stamp, the entrant will be denied. 

Starting from day 18, entry denials are required to be accompanied by a reason for denial.

The stamp[edit | edit source]

Denial is marked on a passport with a red stamp showing a cross next to the text entry denied. The stamp also features the current in-game date in story mode (November 23rd, 1982 in the latest beta) and a shield icon also featured in the Ministry of Admission seals.

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