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Entry denial is the action of denying a person from entering through the border of Arstotzka, and is represented by the red visa stamp (opposite of entry approval).


An entrant should be denied entry to Arstotzka if they fail to meet the current requirements stated in the immigration protocol, e.g. invalid papers, possession of contraband, etc. Denying an entrant with valid documents will lead to a citation.

Care must be taken when denying entry. Once a passport is stamped with ENTRY DENIED, it overrules all ENTRY GRANTED stamps on it.

Starting from day 18, entry denials are required to be accompanied by the blue reason for denial stamp.


Denial is marked on a passport with a red stamp showing the text ENTRY DENIED, the current in-game date (or November 23rd, 1982 in the latest beta), and a shield icon also featured in the Ministry of Admission seals