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This tourist's access permit permits a 3-month visit to Arstotzka.

Duration of stay is one of the information fields on entry permits and access permits used by foreign entrants. If the duration listed on a document conflicts with what the entrant says, this counts as a discrepancy that must be cleared or otherwise allowing entry will lead to a citation. The discrepancy is pointed out in the inspection mode by comparing the duration of stay on the document with the entrant's statement on the audio transcript.

Immigrants, diplomats and asylum-seekers are not asked for their duration of stay.

Possible durations of stay[]

Entrants often give an estimate rather than state the exact duration written on their documents. They will start by saying

  • I stay...
  • I remain for...
  • It will be...

...and then they will say one of the things listed in the middle column. Entrants may say things that conflict with the table below (e.g. a tourist may say that they will stay until they die), but this always indicates a discrepancy.

Duration of stay Verbal estimate Entrant type
2 days
...just 2 days
...couple days
14 days
...couple weeks
...just 14 days
...only two weeks
tourists, transients
1 month
...30 days
...a few weeks month
tourists, workers
2 months
...60 days
...8 weeks
...couple months
...two months
tourists, workers
3 months
...90 days
...12 weeks
...three months
...a few months
tourists, workers
6 months
...six months
...half a year
1 year year
...full year
...a year
...until I die
I don't plan to leave.



  1. As immigrants are not asked for their duration of stay, these replies always constitute a discrepancy.