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The diplomatic authorization of an Antegrian diplomat.

A diplomatic authorization is a document required from foreign diplomats entering Arstotzka. It is used by all member states of the Seven Member Forum, an organization within the Council of Nations (As its distinct "7" is found on the back of the diplomatic authorization page).


Diplomatic authorizations are first seen on day 8. Holders of diplomatic authorization are not required to have an ID supplement, entry permit, or access permit. Holders of diplomatic authorization, however, are required to have a certificate of vaccination once those are instituted on day 26. They also need a passport issued in the same country as their Diplomatic Authorization.

Discrepancies to look for[]

  • Diplomat's name
  • Passport number
  • Valid diplomatic seal
  • Issuing country must match the nationality of the entrant's passport
  • Access to Arstotzka – if missing, highlight the country list and the rule "Diplomats require authorization" in the rulebook to detect a discrepancy.