The depressed Kolechian is an unhappy transient on day 25.


They are the seventh entrant on day 25. Their papers may not be valid, and sometimes they may even be on the wanted list. but if the inspector still has the love note given by the fifth entrant earlier the same day, giving it to the depressed Kolechian will cheer them up. The entrant will then give the inspector a Kolechia token, even if they are denied. Getting the token also unlocks a related achievement.


Introduction (after regular Q/A):

  • Life sucks.
  • Nobody loves me.

Upon receiving the note:

  • For me?
  • Like fire?
  • Object of desire?
  • Wow, nobody say such nice things!
  • Part about visa is confusing but rest is very powerful.
  • [gives the inspector the Kolechia token]
  • Thank you!

Upon approval (if given the note):

  • Thank you again!

Upon approval (if not given the note):

  • Thanks I guess.

Upon denial (if given the note):

  • No problem!
  • Today is good day anyway!

Upon denial (if not given the note):

  • Even you hate me.
  • Some guy I do not even know.
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