Papers Please Wiki

Day 8 is Tuesday, November 30th, 1982 in story mode. Kolechia files a complaint against automatic border searches of Kolechian citizens, and thus the practice is abandoned.

Gameplay changes[]

  • This is the earliest possible day to install the second booth upgrade (hit tab or enter to open the stamp holder), assuming the first upgrade was installed as soon as it became available at the end of day 5.
  • In the latest beta, the game ends at the end of day 8 and forged entry permits and work passes already appear today.
  • Diplomats are introduced

Rules in effect[]


  • The first entrant is the Kolechian diplomat mentioned in the daily bulletin. Their papers are always valid.
  • If not allowed to enter earlier, Jorji Costava is the third entrant. He is holding a valid passport and entry ticket, but not an entry permit, making him not clear for entry. Allowing entry will lead to a citation but will also unlock the Obristan token and the related Steam achievement. The same token and achievement can be unlocked without a citation on day 11, so denying Jorji has no consequences at this point.
  • The fifth entrant is an EZIC messenger. This is their first appearance in the game. They give the inspector a note that says "Corman Drex" and then they leave on their own accord.
  • The ninth entrant is Corman Drex. If the aforementioned note is given to them, they will hand the inspector a note about EZIC. If the note is not given to them, another entrant bearing this name will arrive the next day for the note. Giving either of them the note does not count towards or prevent any endings. Drex's papers will always be valid, and the day will continue to this point even if the clock reaches 6pm.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Kolechian Leader Files Complaint. Claims Unprovoked Border Searches Violate Rights.