Day 7 is Monday, November 29th, 1982 in story mode. Following the Kolechian terrorist attack the day before, the Ministry of Admission tightens security. All Kolechians must be searched before they can be allowed to enter.

Gameplay changesEdit

Rules in effectEdit


  • The first entrant is a Kolechian female tourist with valid papers who must be scanned to correctly allow entry.
  • The fourth entrant is an Arstotzkan man with feminine facial features. Searching him clears the discrepancy.
    Shaddy being shady

    Shaddy Safadi

  • The seventh entrant is Shaddy Safadi. Searching him (on the grounds that he is a Kolechian) reveals contraband. Once the discrepancy is pointed out, he will attempt to bribe the inspector with 10 credits in exchange for entry. If accepted, the inspector will receive a citation.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlinesEdit

  • Another Attack At Grestin Checkpoint!
  • Human Trafficking Ring Shut Down! Grestin Checkpoint Officer Nabs Mastermind
  • Dancers At Grestin Club Found Dead! Newly Immigrated Girls Victims Of Human Trafficking
    • Appears whether Dari Ludum's entry is approved or not if you do not detain him on day 6
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