Papers Please Wiki

Day 6 is Sunday, November 28th, 1982 in story mode. The Ministry of Labor institutes a special program to control immigrant labor. A human trafficking ring can be exposed. Vince Lestrade is still in the headlines.

Rules in effect[]


  • The first entrant has valid papers, including a work pass.
  • The second entrant is an Obri woman with a valid 6-month work pass in the field of food-service. She gives the inspector a Pink Vice ad. Whether admitted or not, once she gets her documents back, she also gives the inspector a note about Dari Ludum.
  • If not allowed to enter on day 4, Jorji Costava is the fifth entrant. He shows up with a valid passport (but without an entry permit). Allowing entry will lead to a citation but will also unlock the Obristan token and a related achievement. The same token and the achievement can be unlocked without a citation on day 11, so denying Jorji has no consequences at this point.
  • The seventh entrant is Dari Ludum. He can be detained by highlighting the aforementioned note and his name on his passport, or simply by giving the note to him (making him angry enough to justify calling the guards).
  • The ninth entrant is a Kolechian with valid papers. The day will continue to this point even if the clock reaches 6pm. If approved, the entrant will walk up to the guards and commit a suicide bombing that kills them. If the ninth entrant is denied entry, the next approved entrant (who might not be a Kolechian but will yell "For Kolechia!" nonetheless) will be the bomber. The day will continue until a bomber is allowed entry, even if the clock reaches 6pm.


Second entrant[]

Introduction (after regular Q/A):

  • Oh. Here.
  • [gives a Pink Vice ad]

After getting her documents back:

  • Please help me.
  • [gives a note]

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Jobs Few, Becoming Fewer. Immigrants Taking Jobs From Locals
  • Vince Lestrade Apprehended In Grestin! Track Champ Looks Quite Guilty Now
    • appears if Vince Lestrade is detained on day 5
  • Vince Lestrade Spotted in Arstotzka
    • appears if Vince Lestrade's entry is approved on day 5
  • Vince Lestrade Apprehended In Kolechia!
    • appears if Vince Lestrade's entry is denied on day 5