Papers Please Wiki

Day 5 is Saturday, November 27th, 1982 in story mode.

Gameplay changes[]

Rules in effect[]


  • The first entrant is an Antegrian whose entry permit displays a mismatching passport number. It is possible to detain them after pointing out this contradiction. The inspector will not benefit from detaining the entrant at this point of the game; detaining and rejecting offer the exact same effect on gameplay. Allowing entry will lead to a citation.

    Vince Lestrade

  • The third entrant is Vince Lestrade. It is possible to detain him by highlighting his name, his profile, or his picture and connecting it to either headline in the news article taped to the back of the official bulletin. His papers are always valid. There is no rule against admitting criminals yet, so you can approve him without receiving a citation.
  • The fifth entrant is a transient from the United Federation. This entrant seemingly hates Arstotzka but their papers are always valid.
  • The eighth entrant is a male Antegrian immigrating to Arstotzka. His papers are always valid. Denying his entry makes it impossible to unlock the Antegria token (see the next entrant).
  • The ninth entrant is a female Antegrian who is married to the previous entrant. If her husband was denied entry, she will leave on her own. She is always missing her entry permit. Allowing her entry will lead to a citation but unlocks the Antegria token and a related achievement. The day will continue to this point even if the clock reaches 6 PM.


First entrant[]

After interrogation:

  • Hey wait.
  • Do not arrest me, please.
  • Just deny my passport and I will go away.

Fifth entrant[]


  • [inspector] What is the purpose of your trip?
  • It is not my choice. I hate this damn country.
  • I am just passing through.
  • [inspector] Duration of stay?
  • As little as possible. 2 days.

If approved:

  • Ugh.

If denied:

  • Just as well.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Republian Track Star Wanted for Murder! Vince Lestrade's Whereabouts Unknown - Has Likely Fled Republia
  • Vince Lestrade: Profile. Girlfriend Killed In Jealous Rage?