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All non-Arstotzkans must present a valid entry ticket.

Day 3 is Thursday, November 25th, 1982 in story mode. In reaction to the terrorist attack on day 2, the Ministry of Admission requires all foreigners to provide a valid entry ticket. If a foreigner fails to present these to the inspector or if the date does not match that of the current day, a denial should be issued. If they are approved, the inspector will receive a citation.

Rules in effect[]


  • The number of guards around the checkpoint has increased to five (from just one) since yesterday. They remain stationed until day 16.
  • The first entrant is a foreigner who has valid papers.
  • The second entrant is a foreigner who fails to present an entry ticket, but will provide a valid ticket upon interrogation.
  • The third entrant is an Imporian named Ava. She has valid papers. She hands the inspector a slip that advertises The Pink Vice.
  • The fifth entrant has valid papers. They mention the earlier terrorist attack.
  • The sixth entrant has an invalid entry ticket.
  • The eighth entrant is Jorji Costava. He shows up for the first time but is not named because he does not present any papers whatsoever. He leaves on his own when interrogated. The day will continue to this point even if the clock reaches 6pm.
    • Jorji hint.png
      Closing the shutters while Jorji is standing in the booth causes a hint slip to print out. It instructs the inspector to use the inspection mode to interrogate.
    • The hint slip will still print out even if Jorji isn’t in the booth as long as you close the shutters between Jorji leaving and calling the next person in line.
    • The inspector will always say that Jorji's passport is missing, even if the "Foreigners require an entry ticket" rule is selected.


Third entrant[]


  • Hey there.
  • I can make you happy any time.
  • [gives a Pink Vice ad]

Upon approval:

  • Come to Pink Vice. Ask for Ava.

Fifth entrant[]


  • I heard about terrorist attack.
  • You are lucky to have a job still.

Upon approval:

  • Be safe.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Terrorists Strike At Grestin! Kolechian Agitators Suspected
  • Checkpoint Lockdown. More Guards - More Scrutiny