Papers Please Wiki

Day 28 is Monday, December 20th, 1982 in story mode. Arstotzka kicks its police state mode into high gear. The checkpoint has the shortest line in the entire game today with only 40 entrants waiting in the morning.

Rules in effect[]


  • Sergiu has been reassigned and will not appear at the beginning of the day (and for the rest of the game), even if he was alive. He mentions his upcoming transfer to the inspector at the beginning of day 27 if the inspector admitted Elisa Katsenja into Arstotzka on day 26.
  • The first entrant is an Arstotzkan citizen from the Lendiforma district. Their passport should be confiscated. Their papers are always valid.
  • The third entrant presents an obsolete entry permit and ID supplement instead of an access permit.
  • The fifth entrant is an Arstotzkan male who makes a remark about the inspector's body strength and hands him a Get Big Town ad. His papers may not be valid. His passport should be confiscated.
  • During the inspection of the seventh entrant, an attacker arrives on a motorcycle and attacks the guards. The bike and the attacker will blow up on their way towards the booth even if the inspector does not intervene. The day will continue to this point even if the clock reaches 6pm.
  • The government confiscates passports of the inspector and his family at the end of the day.
  • At the end of the day, the inspector will receive 5 credits for each two entrants detained in the past two days (as per his deal with Calensk). The bonus caps at 30 credits.


Third entrant[]

Upon interrogation:

  • [inspector] [one of the following]
    • Where is the access permit?
    • You have no access permit.
    • The access permit is missing.
  • What the hell is access permit?
  • Do you mean entry permit?
  • I have it here.
  • [inspector] I mean access permit.
  • Never heard of it. Sounds stupid.

Upon denial:

  • [inspector] Entry permit and supplement are no longer accepted.
  • [inspector] Access permit replaces them.
  • [inspector] Makes my job easier.
  • I do not care about your job.
  • Damnit.

Fifth entrant[]

Introduction (after regular Q/A):

  • You are skin and bones.
  • Bet you have no real strength.
  • Come to gym, I make you big.
  • [gives the Get Big Town ad]

When approved:

  • I guarantee you get big at Get Big Town.
  • Is what we do.

Upon denial:

  • Denied? Hah.
  • This is what I expect from skinny weakling.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Nothing to see here, citizen.

    A Tentative Understanding. Kolechian Talks Establish Common Ground
  • Kolechians Are Crazy. Bizarre Behavior From Top Negotiator Spoils Talks
    • Appears if the Kordon Kallo impersonator was allowed to enter with Kordon Kallo's passport on day 27
  • The frontpage is empty and only minor filler headings (such as Sports or Politics) appear if Kordon Kallo's entry was denied on day 27