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Day 2 is Wednesday, November 24th, 1982 in story mode. Foreigners are now allowed to enter Arstotzka and, coincidentally, the first terrorist attack takes place. This is the first day the inspector encounters employees of The Pink Vice.

Gameplay changes[]

Rules in effect[]


The Pink Vice advertisement.

The guard guns down the terrorist, before a grenade thrown by the terrorist explodes.

  • The first entrant is a foreigner with valid papers.
  • The second entrant has an expired passport from Antegria and should therefore be denied.
  • The fourth entrant is an Arstotzkan trying to catch a bus and asks the inspector to hurry up. Their papers are always valid.
  • The sixth entrant is an Arstotzkan woman who will give the inspector a Pink Vice ad. As with the rest of the Pink Vice members, her papers are always valid.
  • During the inspection of the seventh entrant, an entrant will jump the wall and the alarm will sound. The intruder will be gunned down, but not before throwing a grenade that kills a guard. This is a scripted event, meaning that the day will continue until the seventh entrant even if the clock reaches 6pm.


Fourth entrant (Arstotzkan catching bus)[]


  • Hurry up.
  • I am meeting bus soon.

Upon approval:

  • Finally.

Upon denial:

  • What is this?

Sixth entrant (Employee of the Pink Vice)[]


  • Hello handsome.
  • You look bored.
  • If you want good time, come see us.
  • [gives The Pink Vice ad]

Upon approval:

  • I will be around couple months.
  • Don't forget to visit.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Grestin Checkpoint a Success! Entry Restrictions To Relax, Admit Foreigners
  • Analysts Upbeat. Increased Trade and Cooperation Predicted