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Day 19 is Saturday, December 11th, 1982 in story mode. Impor rejects all imported goods from Arstotzka, and Arstotzka returns the favor by denying all travelers from Impor. The bulletin for day 18 states that the reason for said sanctions is in response to the trade restrictions mentioned in the headline for day 18, "under request from the Ministry of Trade." For clarity purposes, all Imporian entrants are scripted to carry a passport today.

Rules in effect[]


  • If Sergiu survived the attack on day 18, he will thank the inspector for help at the beginning of the day. He also says, "My aim is not like before." If he did not survive the attack, a procedurally generated entrant fills his place.
    • Sergiu counts as the first entrant for the purpose of this article since he increments the counter at the bottom of the screen by 1.
  • The second entrant (including Sergiu, see above) is an Imporian and should therefore be denied.
    • The inspector will say "Imporians are prohibited from entering" to the first denied entrant from Impor. Before 1.1.60, he would say this to the first denied entrant, regardless of their nationality.
  • The fourth entrant is an Arstotzkan woman who recognizes the inspector and says she is an old colleague of the inspector's father. Her face remains the same in every playthrough and documents are always valid.
  • The eighth entrant is Jorji Costava. His weight does not match his documents as he is trying to smuggle drugs across the border. If interrogated, Jorji offers the inspector 10 credits for a green stamp. Approving him will lead to a citation. This decision only affects what Jorji will say later on day 22 and has no other effect on the game.
  • If the inspector's son is alive at the end of the day and the inspector bought him a crayon set on day 18, the inspector will receive the Son's Drawing to take to work.


First denied Imporian[]

If denied:

  • [inspector] Imporians are prohibited from entering.

Fourth entrant[]


  • Hey I know you.
  • You are from Nirsk?
  • I worked with your father for many years.
  • You were such a little brat.

If approved:

  • I go back to Nirsk and tell them you are doing well here.

If denied:

  • You are still brat.
  • Just not so little any more.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Impor Begins Trade Sanctions! Immediately Restricts All Imports From Arstotzka