Papers Please Wiki

Day 17 is Thursday, December 9th, 1982 in story mode. Sergiu Volda is stationed at the checkpoint.

Gameplay Changes[]

  • A class 6 apartment may become available at the end of the day if the inspector has already moved to the class 7 apartment.

Rules in effect[]


  • A new guard, Sergiu Volda, comes to talk to the inspector at the beginning of the day.
    • Sergiu counts as an entrant since he increments the counter at the bottom of the screen by 1.
  • The third entrant (including Sergiu; see above) is an EZIC messenger. They deliver a note saying that the border breach on day 16 was not carried out by EZIC and that their operative will be coming in later to investigate the issue. They give the inspector a cipher that can be used to identify the operative (see below).
  • The seventh entrant is a journalist that provides only a passport and a press ID. Allowing entry will lead to a citation. The headline on day 18 will reflect whether the journalist was allowed entry, but the eventual outcome of the encounter is unavoidable: introduction of the reason for denial stamp.
  • The ninth entrant is Marie Escalli, an EZIC operative. Her identity can be confirmed by aligning the cipher over her passport. Allowing entry will lead to a citation and will count towards one of the EZIC tasks needed to get ending 19 and will prevent getting ending 20.
  • At the end of the day, the game informs that it is two days until the inspector's son's birthday. To buy him a present, the inspector needs at least 25 credits by tomorrow night.
  • If Marie Escalli was allowed to enter during the day, the inspector receives a 20-credit gift from EZIC at the end of the day.


Seventh Entrant[]


  • [inspector] What is the purpose of your trip?
  • I write report on conditions in Arstotzka.
  • [inspector] Duration of stay?
  • As long as it takes.

Upon interrogation:

  • [inspector] You are missing required papers.
  • I am journalist.
  • You have my pass there.

Upon approval:

  • You are slowest inspector I have ever seen.
  • No wonder Arstotzka is screwed.
  • [inspector receives a citation due to the entrant missing both entry permit and ID supplement]

Upon denial:

  • This is outrage!
  • Why am I denied?
  • [inspector] Your press pass is worthless for entry.
  • This is violation of rights.
  • I will not lay down for your corrupt abuses.
  • Expect to read about this!
  • [walks away]

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]