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Day 15 is Tuesday, December 7th, 1982 in story mode. Attacks continue to plague the checkpoint.

Rules in effect[]

Possible endings[]


  • The second entrant is a terrorist that will greet the inspector by shouting "DEATH TO ARSTOTZKA!" and dropping a bomb onto his desk. Calensk (who counts as the third entrant) will arrive and chastise the terrorist and give the inspector instructions on how to disable it. The inspector must remove the four screws and then cut the wires in order of the numbers they correspond to.
    • If one minute passes or the wires are cut out of order, the bomb will detonate and the inspector will die.
  • The fifth entrant is an engineer who can be given one of Messof Anegovych's business cards.
  • An EZIC messenger is the seventh entrant. He will request the coded documents. The inspector must hand over both documents to proceed. The messenger will give the inspector a note regarding the choices the inspector made about letting the previous agents (Mikhail Saratov, Stepheni Graire) in.
  • Letting a randomly generated smuggler (i.e. person with invalid weight) through can lead to a terrorist attack, cutting the day short at some point after the ninth entrant.
  • If inspector accepted the EZIC gifts on days 11 or 12 and admitted Stepheni Graire into Arstotzka on day 14, the end-of-day message will show "The Ministry of Income has cleared all wrongdoing. Your savings will not be returned."


Fifth entrant (an engineer)[]

If given a business card:

  • What is this?
  • [one of the following]
    • Oh. Huh.
    • Huh.
    • They are hiring?

If given another card (if the inspector still has any):

  • I have already.
  • [gives the card back]

If given another card the second time:

  • Stop giving to me.
  • [gives the card back]

If given another card the third time:

  • Forget it, take them both. I don't want.
  • [gives two business cards back and will not accept more]

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Breakthrough Spinal Surgery Perfected. Only Possible With Arstotzkan Expertise.
  • Gov't Headquarters In Paradizna Evacuated! Strange Gas Detected - Staff Safe, Records Missing
    • Appears if Stepheni Graire is allowed to enter on day 14 and the inspector has accepted the 1000- or 2000-credit gift from EZIC on days 11 or 12.
  • Head Minister Of Finance Missing! Markets React With Fast Selling, Instability
    • Appears if Stepheni Graire is allowed to enter on day 14 but the inspector has not accepted EZIC gifts.