Day 14 is Monday, December 6th, 1982 in story mode. If detaining people is your thing, this is your day.

Gameplay changes[edit | edit source]

  • The top three most wanted international criminals are now listed in the bulletin the inspector receives. When one of these criminals shows up, they can be detained by using the inspection mode.
  • This is the earliest possible day to install the last booth upgrade (double-click to enter the inspection mode), assuming earlier upgrades were installed as soon as they became available (days 5, 8, and 11).

Rules in effect[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

  • The first entrant is one of the three criminals listed in the bulletin.
  • If the inspector is under investigation by the M.O.I. after accepting credits from a strange man (on day 11 or 12), an EZIC messenger is the third entrant. They inform the inspector that another operative (Stepheni Graire) can solve the issue and will be coming later. She is the ninth entrant today.
  • The fourth entrant is an engineer whom can be given one of Messof Anegovych's business cards.  Response may need correcting.
  • The sixth entrant is another one of the three criminals listed in the bulletin.
  • The seventh entrant is Nathan Cykelek (a.k.a. Carpov Calistnen). He hands the inspector two passports with different names but the same photos and dates of birth. He quickly realizes his mistake and asks the inspector to return the documents. He can be detained immediately. Allowing entry will lead to a citation.
  • The ninth entrant is Stepheni Graire. Her papers are invalid. Admitting her is the only way to continue the game past day 15 if the inspector accepted the EZIC gifts from a strange man earlier (see ending 4). Allowing her entry will count towards the four out of five EZIC tasks needed for ending 19 but will prevent getting ending 20.
  • Letting a randomly generated smuggler (i.e. a person with invalid weight) through can lead to a terrorist attack, cutting the day short at some point after the ninth entrant.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

First entrant[edit | edit source]

When detained:

  • [inspector] Funny to see you here.
  • [inspector] Just when starting to look for criminals.
  • Criminals?
  • What are you saying?

Fourth entrant (an engineer)[edit | edit source]

If given a business card:

  • What is this?
  • [one of the following]
    • Oh. Huh.
    • Huh.
    • They are hiring?

If given another card once:

  • I have already.
  • [gives the card back]

If given another card the second time:

  • Stop giving to me.
  • [gives the card back]

If given another card the third time:

  • Forget it, take them both. I don't want.
  • [gives two business cards back and will not accept more – this prevents getting the Arstotzka token]

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[edit | edit source]

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